Air Master

Aikawa Maki, 16 years old, is a first year senior high school student known as the Air Master. An invicible street fighter. Most of the time, she is just like a normal girl but she`s a different person when she`s out in the streets.Once a gymnast of Japan, Maki is now establishing and reviving the legend of "airborne street fighting" as an Air Master. A fighting style based on one`s jumping strength and movement while airborne. So she can once again feel the excitement of being a gymnast, she seeks the strongest opponents to battle.


Season 1.0

1. Fly! Air Master (2003-04-01)
2. Cry! Sakiyama Kaori (2003-04-08)
4. Sharpen! Chukimoto Reichi (2003-04-22)
5. Cry! Sakamoto Juliet (2003-04-29)
6. Ride It! Maki (2003-05-06)
7. Don't Make Me Say It Twice! (2003-05-13)
8. Roar! Nakanotani Mina (2003-05-20)
10. Blaze! Kitaeda Kinjiro (2003-06-03)
13. Shine! Sky Star (2003-06-24)
14. Pierce Through! Kai and Maki (2003-07-01)
15. Conquer! Roach Queen (2003-07-08)
16. Fight! Fukamichi Ranking (2003-07-15)
17. Gather! Street Fighters (2003-07-22)
18. Cosplay! Komada Shigeo (2003-07-29)
20. Clash! Kai vs. Kinjirou (2003-08-12)
23. Rip it up! Minaguchi Yuki (2003-09-02)
24. Burn! Meat (2003-09-09)
25. Break! Konishi vs. Julieta (2003-09-16)
26. Feel it! The Struggling Wind (2003-09-23)
27. Fly! Aikawa Maki (2003-09-30)